Revolutionary patent-pending technology

Behavioral Network Designer (BND)

The use of our proprietary tech solution (BND) allows for a fast and effective production of compelling immersive experiences. This plug-in, compatible with commercial game engines, streamlines the creation of 3D avatars that can react intelligently to user actions. The purpose of the BND is to easily define traits and goals for non-human avatars so that, when the user interacts with them, the avatar can react independently and yet in a way that is consistent with the content. As a result, the resulting experience delivers higher levels of realism & enhanced user satisfaction.

Product highlights

  • Research-based A.I. solution that can be applied to 3D avatars

  • Enhances the narrative & emotional complexity of content

  • Guarantees higher levels of engagement, retention & re-playability

Product features

  • Compatible with any genre, length & workflow

  • Works with all game engines

  • Suitable for both VR and AR